Large Sailing Ships Programme

Velero Atyla Navegando por la Ría de Bilbao Itsasmuseum
September 2019
After voyaging all over Europe, taking part in numerous events and classic ship races and offering education based on adventure and personal development, the Atyla returned to its home base at Itsasmuseum in September 2019 to winter here. While it is moored at our dock, it will be offering guided tours, open days and other activities for schools, associations and lovers of the sea in general. This impressive, two-masted, classic vessel was built in the Basque port of Lekeitio between 1980 and 1984. It has a length of 31m and a beam of 7m.
La Pepa
September 2011
The renovated galleon La Pepa operates as an interpretation centre for the Spanish Constitution of 1812. The main mission of the vessel, formerly called the Andalucía, is to raise awareness of the basic tenets of the constitution signed in Cadiz in 1812. La Pepa visited Bilbao in 2011 as part of the lead-up to the celebration of the bicentenary of that constitution, and received huge numbers of visitors.
Velero Mercedes Navegando Itsasmuseum
Velero Mercedes
March-April 2006
In 2006 the spectacular, 50m-long Mercedes moored at our dock and offered a carefully thought-out programme of guided tours and activities on board for schools and the general public. This impressive two-master can carry 130 people.
Shtandart General Itsasmuseum
November 2013
To mark the 10th anniversary of the museum, the Shtandart (a replica of a frigate that Czar Peter the Great ordered to be built in 1703 in his efforts to create a strong navy) moored at our dock and offered an interesting schedule of guided tours.
Artic Sunrise Greenpeace Itsasmuseum
Greenpeace "Artic Sunrise"
June 2019
The Arctic Sunrise, operated by the environmental organisation Greenpeace, was moored at the Itsasmuseum dock on 5-10 June. During its time in Bilbao several educational workshops were held on board as part of the vessel's commitment to heightening environmental awareness. Concerts and open days were also staged.